El Salvador is a Central America state  facing the Pacific Ocean.  The tropical climate, the consistency and quality of its waves,  the  geographical position, the vergin coastline, the warm local people, absolutly interested in social peace and tourism increasing, the  stunning beauty of the national parks and teh vulcans, make this country one of the most fascinating destination of all!

Culture and Nature

Discover a country rich of culture and traditions, from the Maya to the colonial citiy of  Santa Anna, where you will discover  the XVIII century colonial feeling. Tha Capital city itsel,  San Salvador, has an interesting historical centre which deserve a visit! San Salvador has a great night life as well, full of charming discos and bars,  and during the week-end it is always packed with young people!

But the nature is defenetly the most stunning aspect of the country... The tropical forests with their shining green, the vulcanic reef beaches, the numerous vulcanos, the huge rivers,  the mangroves forests, the exuberant fauna...


According to Maya tradition, the typical gastronomy is based on mais, beans and vegetables. The typical dish is the PUPUSAS, a sort of tortilla full of beans, cheese, meet or fish, avocado cream and vegetables. A super kick after a great surf session! The restaurants are everyhwere and offer a great variety of meet, chicken or fish dishes, delicious smoothies of tropical fruits and....  amazing plates of sea fruits, clams and oysters!!!

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