Nicaragua is a little known destination with huge potential!

Located in Central America, bordered on the south by Costa Rica and north by Honduras (although a few kilometers from El Salvador), and due to its location and geography is a paradise of surfing, its features are: Wind OFF-SHORE; Spot Deserts, and Perfect Beach Break.

In fact, thanks to the great lakes that stretch at the foot of numerous volcanoes (some of which are also active and visited), as the lake Cocibolca that almost connects the Caribbean/Atlantic coast to the Pacific, facilitating the passage of wind from the Atlantic that comes as a breeze off-shore on the waves of the Pacific, designing entire waves and perfect shapes!

Nicaragua is historically the richest country in Central America, in terms of faunal biodiversity and wealth of raw materials and minerals (from coffee, meat, tobacco and sugar cane - famous worldwide rum Flor de Caña).

To visit: Granada, a colonial city with numerous cathedrals and posuade / hotel and colorful bars. From here you can visit Lake Nicaragua and the Mombacho volcano that overlooks the Lake of Nicaragua

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