Sri Lanka is an island situated in the Indian Ocean, south from India and east from Maldives. Sri Lanka means indhu god's beauty, wealth and abundance. Infact nature and richness of this land are palpable immediatly by the lush vegetation giving tropical fruits and spices including the famous Ceylon tea, exported all around the world. Sri lanka is famous for precious stones as well.

This is a charming destination because of its history, thanks to archelogic sites as Polonnaruwa e Anuradhapura, III century B.C. cities or Kandy, old capital of the English colonies, but moslty famous for the temple preserving Budda's relic, inside a golden religuary in the palace of the king, one of the most important site for Budda's pilgrims.

Surfing was discovered recently, but quality is supreme thanks to beach breaks and points, with all levels' waves. Most important are: Hikkadua on the west coast and Arungam Bay on the east coast. A lot of secret spots are known by locals only that explore evryday the area, and access is often difficult beacause they are in the jungle  with elephants, tigers, and monkeys.

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