Spanish course

Do you want to learn SPANISH during your vacation in Fuerteventura? You could mix a Spanish course with a surf camp experience. Moreover our instructors speak Spanish, so you will continue to learn Spanish during surfing. If you are an expert already, will surf on best spots with us learning and speaking Spanish!

Spanish intensive course is the most popular, chosen by 90% of our adult students. Based on 15h a week, with lessons in the morning (10.00-13.00) and in the afternoon (17.00-20.00). You will choose the one you prefer to organize your surfing day.


Main goal is improve comunication's skills, giving the students the chance to improve and undestand spoken spanish.

Because of this, lessons will be held in Spanish, giving students the chance to practice what teached, and overall learn how to speak outside school. We want Spanish shold become a way to comunicate and not only theory!

Lessons atmosphere is relaxed, and generally informal (teachers are surfers), but we ask students to work hard and give 100%. We will focus on grammar obviously, on reading and writing.


Teachers are from Spain, graduated with a big experience in teaching languages. Certified, very efficient in pulling out the best from students.


With us not only surfing, but We can offer YOGA, CULTURAL VISITS on the island, COOKING CLASSES, MOVIES IN SPANISH, all you might need to enjoy.


The camp has a tipical canary's villa, with 12 beds,click her for details>>>>>>