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Chile, Arica

South Pacific storms that collapse on Chilean coasts produce very famous waves all over the world such as El Gringo or El Brazo, for experienced surfers, but also waves on deserted beach breaks, for beginners and intermediate...and many many secrets spots!

Yoyo and Chala, instructors and surf guides of international experience, will follow both experienced surfers who need professional support and beginners who are experimenting for the first time this sport, to teach surfing in an easy and fun way!



El Gringo

Also known as the Chilean Pipeline! Certainly the most famous wave of Chile. A-frame with very intense right and left tubes on reef, spot suitable only for experienced surfers.

El Brazo

Another tubular a-frame, less exposed to the swell, to be checked during a big swell. Wave with high quality tubes. Suitable for experienced surfers.

La Isla

Beautiful and long left on reef, with tubular sections and sections for maneuvering. Great spot for intermediate and expert.

Arenillas Negras

Black sandy beach with fun waves for all levels, with great conditions for surf school.

Las Machas

Long beach that reaches into Peru, here you can find innumerable solitary peaks on sand, suitable for all levels and probably you will be surfing alone or with a few friends.