Australia, Illawarra

In this part of Australia the water temperature varies from 18 ° to 24 ° + in summer. A 3.2mm wetsuit is enough in winter unless you are really cold, shorty or boardshortin summertime. In the mid seasons a 3.2mm wetsuit is more than enough.

You do not need booties. For those who bring their own board, a spare leash is always recommended. In the surrounding area there are several surf factories and surf shops really well stocked.


Sandon Point is not far from the surfhouse. It is a very famous right that breaks on a pile of not particularly sharp rocks. On the right days the wave stays opens for a kilometer. Holds up to 15 feet, but from 6/7 is for kamikaze. It is a spot for experienced surfers only.

Same story for Aussie Pipe, a tubes machine wave (the rights are much shorter) that breaks on the rock. When it is on, it'a s real show!


In the area we find excellent beach breaks suitable for all levels:

Royal National Park: This national park offers many spots, the most famous is definitely Gerie beach, beach break in an uncontaminated setting. Right and left peaks on sandy bottom. 

Bulli beach and Pine Tree: famous beach break just north of Wollongong, great for beginners.

The Farm National Surfing Reserve: Lovely beach immersed in nature. Featuring dazzling colors this spot is perfect for summer when the wind blows from the North. Easy peaks in the middle of the bay, in its south part forms a right point of good quality.