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All the participants are provided with the most appropriate equipment according to the level and throughout the lesson they are always assisted by qualified teachers with many years of experience.

For better learning, groups do not exceed 8 people, so they can create a good affinity and do not get too much confusion in the water. During the lesson, pictures will be taken with gopro, which can later be seen together. The first lesson takes place on flat water and consists of the first part in explaining the theory and history of surf, while the second one will face practical exercises. From the second lesson onwards there is a need for a minimum of wave motion: the three phases will be heating, surfing and final stretching. Our surf school offers three levels of preparation: Beginner: Here you start from scratch with theoretical notions of theory, takeoff (departure) setting and first surfing in the foam water, you have fun in safety. Intermediate: The surfer already has a base on which you can work, so once you have evaluated the level you will proceed with refining the surfing techniques on the wave wall, curves and maneuvers (using video analysis) Advanced: Surfer With knowledge of the board and the basic maneuvering, in this case, together with the instructor you will make a growth and development plan whether you are free surfing or competing (with competition tactics, spot studing, etc) and thanks to filming videos and photos will analyze progress and errors. (Possibility of dry training, specific for surfing).