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Morocco, Mirleft

The coast of Mirleft, in the south of Morocco, benefits of constant swells with waves for all levels and little crowd in the water!!! From September to April, the swells from the North Atlantic with the offshore winds make this coast a dream destination for surfing, these spots receive the same swells of Atlantic Europe but are protected by the Azores antique which makes the climate always pleasant throughout the year. In addition, the many spots ensure that even when conditions are prohibited, there is always a shelted spot that offers easy waves for all levels! During the months from May to August there are small and clean waves, great for beginners.

Mirleft is well-known for its beautiful beaches, beach breaks, reefs and points ... there are also some secrets spots in the area!



Sidi Ifni

The main wave is a long right on rock bottom of excellent quality. In the same village there are also 2 lefts and a beachbreak. In the port area there is also a very good and steep right, and a more soft left. Spots for all tastes and levels.


Right point on rock and sand bottom. Wave really fun, suitable for intermediates and experts. In the same bay there is also a beach break for all levels of surf.


Aglou Plage

Beach break very exposed, also works with small swells. Various peaks along the beach, accessible to all levels of surf.


Fishermen village with several spots, a couple of reef breaks with right and left waves, and a beach break with beautiful walls and occasional barrels. Waves for all levels.

Mirleft Secret Spot

Right point of excellent quality! Most likely you will be able to surf here alone or with a few friends! Waves for intermediate and expert surfers.