Senegal, Dakar

The geographic shape of Senegal is perfect for surfing: the spots are located along the coast north of Dakar and along the coast to the south and this makes it possible to surf both with the swell coming from the north and the ones coming from the south. Surfing in Senegal has become famous many years ago by surf movie "Endless Summer", and is now a destination well known by surfers but still unexplored and uncrowded.

From September to April, this area enjoys constant swells from the North Atlantic, featuring all of the famous points in the area, for intermediate and experienced surfers, but there are also beach breaks and spots that are more sheltered, perfect for beginners.

During the months from May to August there are small and clean waves, great for beginners.



N'Gor Right

The legendary surf spot of Senegal, famous for the first Endless summer movie. Long, powerful wave, on reef, works almost every day and holds big swells. Even with strong northwest winds the last part of the wave can be clean and powerful. Wave for all levels. Easy access from NGor island just outside Dakar.


Senegal world class spot. The wave breaks only about 20 to 30 times a year, but when it does, right and left barrels are guaranteed! Suitable for intermediate and expert.

Yoff Beach

Very constant beach break, with many peaks along the beach. Soft wave, suitable for all levels of surf. Great spot for surf school.

Club Med

Right in front of the old Club Med. It is one of the best waves in Senegal, with heavy barrels and long walls, on reef bottom. Spot suitable only for experienced surfers.

N'Gor Left

On the north side of N'Gor Island breaks this left over reef, with long, rather soft walls, great for maneuvering. Spot suitable for everyone.