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Caribbean, Guadeloupe

This surf school package with accommodation in Surf House in Guadeloupe is designed for beginner and intermediate levels, all year round!

For beginners it will be a pleasure to start in the crystal clear waters and always followed by professional instructors. The spots where we bring our students is perfect, with nice and easy waves: it wont seem possible to learn to surf so fast in crystal-clear waves! Every day, at 9:30 am or afternoon at 2:30 pm, we will meet at our surf school and our surf instructor will teach you everything you need to improve your surfing skills.

Guadalupe is a former French colony located between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean and is made up of two interconnected islands: Basse Terre, wet by the Caribbean Sea, verdant and dominated by an active volcano and Great Terre, wet to the South coast by the Caribbean Sea and to the East coast by the Atlantic Ocean, the driest and most exposed coast to the waves, here there are the most important surf spots in the islands!

Thanks to its position between the 2 seas, Guadalupe receives both the Atlantic and the tropical cyclones that flow into the Gulf of Mexico, making this destination a perfect destination for surfing. Due to the variety of stains, lagoons and winds it is also a fantastic destination for Kitesurfing!


Here is our beautiful surf house in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, surrounded by a tropical garden with shared and private rooms, swimming pool, BBQ area and parties! ...MORE

Low season: May to September - price per person
Guadalupe Surfcamp pack 7 nights
Shared room (max. 3 people) 430,00€
Single room 610,00€
Double room for 2 pax 425,00€
Triple room for 3 pax 410,00€
Mid season: October & November - price per person
Guadalupe Surfcamp pack 7 nights
Shared room (max. 3 people) 470,00€
Single room 630,00€
Double room for 2 pax 460,00€
Triple room for 3 pax 430,00€
High season: December to April - price per person
Guadalupe Surfcamp pack 7 nights
Shared room (max. 3 people) 510,00€
Single room 700,00€
Double room for 2 pax 490,00€
Triple room for 3 pax 460,00€
EXTRAS - price per person
NSP BOARD RENTAL 100,00€ per week
CUSTOM BOARD RENTAL 120,00€ per week
DINNER 25,00€ per night

The best spots for surf and kite in the Great Terre are waiting for you at our surf camp, located near the beach and the surf spot at the entrance to Saint François, in Guadeloupe. ...MORE


Our Guadeloupe surf school is open to beginner and intermediate levels, come and learn how to surf in warm, crystalline water all year long!!! ...MORE


Do not have your own surfboard? Or do you want to try a new one? We have all the BIC surfboards you want and also an assortment of SURFTECH boards © and FISHBONE boards © (our local shaper). ...MORE

∧ How to get there :

Guadeloupe is easily reachable by international flights to Pointe-a-Pitre international airport (PTP), at 30 minutes driving from the camp.

∧ Airline Companies:


∧ From the airport :

Rent-a-car: We recommend renting a car to reach our surfcamp in Guadeloupe. Direct Transfer: If you prefer, we can come and pick you up at the airport, for an additional cost. Taxy: Getting to the surf camp by taxy is quick and easy.

∧ Health Care and Visa:

Guadeloupe is part of France, so European Union. An European identity document is sufficient to travel in and out the country. Healthcare is free for the European health card holder. Most nationalities out of European Union do NOT need a special visa to go to Guadeloupe. It is recommended to take various copies of your passport with you, if the original gets lost. Public and private hospital facilities have high standard level, however, we recommend traveling with an international travel insurance if you are NON European citizen.