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Here is the package designed for those who do not need accommodation but only a surf training program with certified professional instructors, with lots of people to enjoy and share a wonderful experience. Suitable for all levels, for beginners, thanks to the practical and theoretical classes of surf basics, learning safety maneuvers, takeoff and dive duck techniques, but also for intermediate and advanced levels to improve their technique, correct small mistakes of style, learn new maneuvers with a coach that will follow you also into the water. We guarantee you the best surf equipment from Malibu and Mini-Malibu boards for your first take off, to Evolution boards or Short boards for more performance . We use full wetsuits to deal with Atlantic temperatures.

Pack surfschool CAMP A (Esmoriz or Porto city):

  • 6 days of surf school, 4h per day (5 days in Low season)
  • Equipment rental
  • Insurance during surf school

Pack surfschool CAMP B (Esmoriz):

  • 5 days of surf school, 4h per day
  • Equipment rental
  • Insurance during surf school
CAMP A (ESMORIZ or PORTO CITY) - price per person
Surfschool pack 5 days (Low season, Mon-Fri) 180,00€
Surfschool pack 6 days (Mid and High season) 220,00€
Surfschool pack 1 day (2 session, equipment rental included) 40,00€
Surf equipment rental (board + wetsuit) per week 150,00€
Surf equipment rental (board + wetsuit) per day 25,00€
CAMP B (ESMORIZ) - price per person
Surfschool pack 5 days (Low and Mid season) 125,00€
Surfschool pack 5 days (High season) 150,00€
Surfschool pack 1 day 35,00€
Surf equipment rental (board + wetsuit) per week 150,00€
Surf equipment rental (board + wetsuit) per day 25,00€

Thanks to the powerful swells of the North Atlantic, which crash on the coast of Porto all year round, we find in this region a very high number of high-quality beach breaks and pier waves with very high frequency! Waves for all levels, from the beginner to the most intrepid waves hunters, you can easily find yourself surfing a peak alone or with your friends. ...MORE


Our surfschool A in Porto is prepared to give surf courses from the absolute beginner to the intermediate, who wants to train and improve their technique. The beaches of Porto are perfect for learning and evolving your surfing level. ...MORE


Our Beginner surfing courses will make you surf in a little time, teaching you the basics and not only; while the intermediate course will help you correct your mistakes and make your first surf maneuvers! ...MORE

∧ How to get there:

Porto international airport (OPO) is connected by international flights from around Europe and also by low-cost European flights. The Esmoriz surf schools are about 35 km away from Porto Airport; the Porto Surf school is 12 km away from the airport.

∧ Airline companies:

Ryanair / Easyjet / TAP  

∧ From Porto airport:

By car: The most convenient way is to rent a car directly from the airport. About 30 minutes drive. Public transports: Our surf school in Esmoriz beach is at 35 km away from the airport and is easily accessible by taxi or public transport. Our surf school in Porto city is at only 12 km from the airport and very easily rechable by public transorts and taxy.

∧ By Car:

Check the route with:

∧ Health Care and Visa:

Portugal is part of the European Union. An European identity document is sufficient to travel in and out the country. Healthcare is free for the European health card holder. Most nationalities out of European Union do NOT need a special visa to go to Portugal (90 days on arrival), we always recommend to check the validity of your passport before traveling (at least 6 months validity from the scheduled return date) and to take various copies of your passport with you, if the original gets lost. Public and private hospital facilities have high standard level, however, we recommend traveling with an international travel insurance if you are NON European citizen.