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Out of Lines Philippines

Out of Lines Philippines

OUT OF LINES is the meeting point between image, travel and action sports.

OUT OF LINES is the ability to capture that glitter that excites us, that point of view that leaves us open, that frame that makes us travel virtually.

OUT OF LINES is a tool that tells a surfing trip (and not only) through the critically artistic eyes of a selection of photographers and directors.

We will tell you the travel experiences through exploratory documentaries outside "classic" lines, to make you have the desire to go to that destination.

Direct & Edit: Pierpaolo Valetto
Water Cinematography: Alberto Maiorano - Photomaio.It
Production manager:, Kermit Surf & Dive
Riders: Elena Bertolini, Luca Bobbio, Lorenzo Castagna

Neil Halstead - Digging Shelters
Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company - Yakan
The Feud - It Ain't Right
Brendan Canning - Post Fahey
Goat - Run To Your Mama
Flume - Holdin On
Cage The Elephant & Alison Mosshart - It's Just Forever
Roosevelt - Elliot
Fiesta Filipina - Vinta

Supported by:
Ufficio del Turismo Filippino
Cubu Pacific
Kermit Surf & Dive