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Canary Islands, Tenerife

The camp is at 10 minutes from Playa Las Americas, where the surf school is located, here we have the perfect waves to do lesson, you will get surprise how easily and quickly you will learn!

Group lessons last 2 hours per day and include theory and video correction. The camp has the best equipment to teach and learn quickly. The wave of Las Americas are on a reef, but flat and not dangerous, with the advantage of having always smooth and perfect waves!

The instructors are professional and have a great experience in teaching, courses are also held in English, French and Spanish. The school is part of the Spanish and Canarian federation of surf.


  • Theory on the sea and currents
  • Theory on take off
  • Practice in water for takeoff
  • Theory on front side and back side
  • Practice basic manouvers in the water on green waves