Indonesia, Bali

Bali is a tropical island of the Indonesian archipelago and is located between Java and Lombok, in the Indian Ocean, the surfing mecca, thanks to the perfect waves and the various surfing competitions organized here.

Thanks to its geographic location in Bali you will find all types of wave, from that for experienced surfer to beginner, swells are constant throughout the year, both in dry and wet season!

Our goal is the discovery of the island, with its many spots and attractions. The difference with other organizations is that we rely on the "Movement" for beginners as well as advanced with our daily hunting trips to the best surf spot of the day!

Accompanied by our surf guides with cars and boats, you will discover the perfect waves of this "Island of the gods"!


For beginners, the numerous beach breaks in Canggu - Seminyak - Kuta are ideal for taking your first green waves and improving your take off.


For intermediate surfers, Bali has a whole series of soft reef breaks and semi-beach break spots perfect to evolve. Bali's perfect waves will spin your skills and perhaps even make you an advanced surfer at the end of your stay.


Of course, advanced surfers will not have trouble finding bread for their teeth here in Bali.



Padang Padang

The cult waves of Bali, famous for its world class tubes! A powerful left-hand barrel from start to finish. Shallow reef bottom. Suitable only for experts.


Bali legendary spot, very consistent, rarely flat. Long left wave on reef, with different sections alternating with barrels and vertical walls. Suitable for intermediate and expert.


Very long left reef break, with fast sections and more slow ones. Normally it does not make barrels and the reef is quite flat. Recommended for intermediate and experienced, but also for beginners, thanks to long foam on flat reef.

Kuta Reef

Left reef break reachable by boat from Kuta beach. Quality wave, often smaller than any other spot in the area. Great to get used to surf on a reef. Suitable for intermediates and experts.

Kuta Beach

A long beach break that starts in Kuta and reaches Seminiak. Infinite peaks on sand and mixed sand rock, for all levels. Among the most popular spots, we mention Half Way, famous wave of the Kuta Boys!


Various soft waves left and right on sand, with some rock. Spots very consistent, with excellent waves for beginners and intermediate, who want to learn to make new surf tricks.


In the same bay, we find a left on reef very fun and with occasional tubes; A quality right on reef, perfect for radical maneuvers and a beach break with various peaks, suitable for all levels. These spots usually get more swell than any other spot in the area.


At a couple of hours drive from Kuta, we find this spot with several waves at the river mouth. Right and left of quality on rock and sand bottom, suitable for all levels of surf. Very consistent spot, you come here when all the other spots are flat.

Green Bowl

Very consistent spot located on a paradise beach of white sand and crystal clear water! Here we find a very long right on reef of excellent quality and a more soft left always on reef. Spots suitable for intermediate and expert surfers.


World class wave! Powerful right reef break, with amazing barrels and walls for radical maneuvering. Well suited for expert surfers.