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Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a world-wide class wave, suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals. The area is full of right point breaks, some still secret spots. There are point brekas and beach breaks, immersed in the wild nature and the natural parks of the area. The south east coast of Sri Lanka is hit by the same swells that hit the Indonesian coast, the most consistent season with SW swells is during April-Oct. Expect 2-6ft waves with regular offshore winds and clean conditions. Water temperatures is 27c / 82F all year long, so always on boardshorts!


Arugam Bay - Main Point

The most famous spot on the east coast of Sri Lanka. Right point break with waves that can reach 600 meters in length, with perfect sections for maneuvering and even tubing on the right days. The wave breaks on flat reef bottom, spot suitable for intermediate and advanced.

Arugam Bay - Baby Point

From June to July, when the sand covers the last section of the Main Point, this perfect wave is created for beginners and intermediaries, which is technically the wave continuation of Arugam Bay's Main Point. Here the reef bottom is covered with sand.

Pottuvil Point

One of the best waves across the coast. It works best during August - September, when waves can reach 800 meters in length and alternate between steep sections and fast sections to more sof ones. Spot suitable for all levels, the inside is definitely more soft and sandy.

Whiskey Point

Right point very mellow, suitable for beginners and intermediate. Sandy bottom and very soft waves, perfect for surf school.

Elephant Rock

Right point on sand, with a nice takeoff that can create some starting barrels and the rest of the wave is very soft. Apart from the first section, advised by experienced surfers, the rest of the wave is suitable for all levels.

Peanut Farm

Right-hand point, very resembling the wave of Arugam Bay, with a Main Point with fast and tubular waves, for experts and intermediates, and a Baby Point continuing, with more soft waves for beginners.


45 minutes south of Arugam Bay, we find the last legally surfable wave in the area. High quality right point with tubular sections. Sand bottom, suitable for all levels. The road to this spot is very scenic.