Portugal, Porto

The Port region, in the north of Portugal, is still very unexplored under the surfering point, but its potential for waves is not to be underestimated. Thanks to the powerful swells of the North Atlantic, which hit on these coasts throughout the year, we find in this region a very high number of high-quality beach breaks and pier waves with very high frequency! Waves for all levels, from the beginner to the most intrepid waves hunters, you can easily find yourself surfing a peak alone or with your friends. The Portuguese coast has the highest frequency of waves throughout Europe, even in summer the swells are frequent. Quality waves insured!



Endless beach breaks, with various peaks, for all levels. Great spot for surf school, but also for advanced surfers, when the swell is clean.


One of the most famous waves of the region, a right tubing wave, breaking down on a pier and rolling into the bay. Suitable for advanced and intermediates.


Very long white sand beach, with various peaks, suitable for all levels. Often you can find a peak only for you and your friends!


It is the surf beach of the city of Porto, close to our Hostel. Great for school, but also for more advanced levels, thanks to the fun right and left peaks spread along the beach.


High-quality right wave, with vertical sections and other more maneuverable, breaks down on a pier and slides into a bay. Suitable for intermediate and advanced.