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Morocco, Agadir

This package is perfect for families or couples who want to stay in a more exclusive accommodation, directly on the beach, with a swimming pool, solarium, restaurant, gym, etc. Here is our brand new Taghazout Surf Lodge, near Agadir, in Morocco; equipped with all the comforts and privacy, just few steps from the ocean, with amazing views of Anchor Point, Ash Point and Panorama Point waves!

We offer packages with surf school, surf guides and just B & B.



Our eco-friendly surf lodge is located in Taghazout, right in front of the Panorama Point Spot, just a few miles north of Agadir, in Morocco, perfect for a surf holiday with your family! ...MORE

SURF SCHOOL PACK IN FAMILY LODGE - price per room per week
Room optionN. PaxLow seasonMid seasonHigh season
STANDARD ROOM 1 693€863€1028€
  2 902€1071€1236€
  3 1352€1522€1854€
BUNGALOW 2 1238€1443€ 1598€ 
BIG BUNGALOW 2 1527€2147€ 2083€ 
  3 2290€3090€ 3000€ 
MASTER CABANA 4 2401€2793€ 3185€ 
  5 2844€3295€ 3795€ 

SURF SCHOOL PACK includes: 7 nights B&B + 5 days surf school with equipment + 5 days Lunch box + Transport to the spots


SURF GUIDE PACK IN FAMILY LODGE - price per room per week
Room optionN. PaxLow seasonMid seasonHigh season
STANDARD ROOM 1 633€803€967€
  2 780€950€1114€
  3 1170€1340€1672€
BUNGALOW 2 1116€1322€ 1477€ 
BIG BUNGALOW 2 1406€2025€ 1962€ 
  3 2108€2908€ 2818€ 
MASTER CABANA 4 2158€2550€ 2942€ 
  5 2541€2991€ 3442€ 

SURF GUIDE PACK includes: 7 nights B&B + 5 days surf guiding + 5 days Lunch box + Transport to the best spots + Multilingual local surf guide


ONLY B&B PACK IN FAMILY LODGE - price per room per week
Room optionN. PaxLow seasonMid seasonHigh season
STANDARD ROOM 1 493€663€827€
  2 500€670€834€
  3 750€920€1252€
BUNGALOW 2 836€1042€ 1197€ 
BIG BUNGALOW 2 1125€1745€ 1682€ 
  3 1688€2488€ 2398€ 
MASTER CABANA 4 1598€1990€ 2382€ 
  5 1841€2291€ 2742€ 

ONLY B&B PACK includes: 7 nights B&B 



LOW SEASON: From 1/11 to 20/12; from 4/1 to 19/3; from 3/5 to 24/6; from 28/8 to 17/10.

MID SEASON: From 23/3 to 2/5; from 18/10 to 31/10.

HIGH SEASON: From 21/12 to 3/1: from 25/6 to 7/8.


The coast of Agadir in Morocco has an impressive frequency and quality of waves, especially from September to April, when spots like Anchor Point, Killer Point, Boilers and Dracula give the best of themselves! We offer surfing guides or surf school. ...MORE


Extra excursions around Agadir, in South Morocco. Agadir souk tour, but also MTB, motorbike, quads, hammam bath and camel tours! ...MORE

∧ How to get there :

To reach Agadir there are 2 possibilities: flying directly to Agadir or flying to Marrakesh. Both airports are reachable from several international airport around the world and also from some European airport with low-cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair. You can land at Agadir International Airport (AGA), 30 minutes drive by car; or Marrakech Menara International Airport (RAK), about 3 hours from the car camp (if you decide to land in Marrakesh, you must reach Agadir by car, taxy or bus. If you arrive at the bus station in Agadir, we can offer you a transfer to the surfhouse, with an extra charge of 50 euro, for return trip.

∧ International Airlines:

Royal Air Maroc / Easyjet / Ryanair

∧ From Agadir airport :

Surfcamp airport shuttle: We can offer transfer from / to Agadir airport, with private driver, for an extra charge of 50 euro, for return trip.

∧ From Marrakesh airport :

Rental Car: We recommend renting a car directly from Marrakesh Airport, in about 3,5 hours you can reach our surfcamp. Taxy: Getting to the surf camp by taxy is very convenient and fast, duration is about 3,5 hours. Public bus: From Marrakesh airport you must first reach the Marrakesh bus station, by taxy or small local bus (about 30 minutes). From there you have to take a direct bus to the bus station of Agadir (there are several buses per day, lasting about 3 hours). From the Agadir bus station, we can offer the transfer to the surfhouse, for an extra charge of 50 euro, for return trip.

∧ Health Care and Documents: 

Most nationalities do NOT need a special visa to go to Morocco (90 days on arrival). We always recommend to check the validity of your passport before traveling (at least 6 months validity from the scheduled return date) and to take various copies of your passport with you, if the original gets lost. There are good hospital facilities in Morocco, but we recommend traveling with an international travel insurance. No specific vaccine is required.