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Spain, Santander

This package of surf camp A in Santander, in playa de Somo, is recommend to anyone who wants to live the surf in close contact with others. The atmosphere of the camp is festive, every week the surf house hosts a live music group! All this with a lot of surf too, our instructors will follow you at the best to make you learn techniques and maneuvers to give you maximum autonomy in surfing as soon as possible! Our surfhouse is only at 100 meter from Playa de Somo!


Our famous surfhouse just a few meters from Loredo beach in Cantabria, private and shared rooms. ...MORE

SURFHOUSE - price per person, per week
LS 3/02 - 14/06 and 17/09 - 31/12Room for 8/10 paxRoom for 4 paxRoom for 2/3 pax
WITHOUT SURF COURSE 189€ 209€ 269€
SURF COURSE 4 DD 288€ 308€ 368€
SURF COURSE 6 DD 319€ 339€ 399€
SURF COURSE 7 DD 334€ 354€ 414€
SURF COURSE 8 DD 349€ 369€ 429€
MS 15/06 - 26/07 + 1/09 - 16/09Room for 8/10 paxRoom for 4 paxRoom for 2/3 pax
WITHOUT SURF COURSE 229€ 249€ 309€
SURF COURSE 4 DD 328€ 348€ 408€
SURF COURSE 6 DD 359€ 379€ 439€
SURF COURSE 7 DD 374€ 394€ 454€
SURF COURSE 8 DD 389€ 409€ 469€
HS 27/07 - 31/08Room for 6/8 paxRoom for 4 paxRoom for 2/3 pax
WITHOUT SURF COURSE 299€ 319€ 379€
SURF COURSE 4 DD 398€ 418€ 478€
SURF COURSE 6 DD 429€ 449€ 509€
SURF COURSE 7 DD 444€ 464€ 524€
SURF COURSE 8 DD 459€ 479€ 539€ -


from 1 to 4 people - per way 40€


from 1 to 4 people - per way 140€
Equipment rental out of course time 25€ per day
Equipment rental out of course time 75€ for 5 days
Lunch and dinner for 1 day 25€ per day
Lunch and dinner for 6 day 150€ for 6 days

The Surf in Santander represents the history of surfing in Spain, here comes the first surfboad factory Full & Cas and the first surfers in the 60s / 70s. In recent years this area is characterized by big wave riding, several international surfers spend the winter here to train on the mythical Big Waves such as La Vaca and Santa Marina, the first also nominated for the Billabong XXL ...MORE


Our surf school provides programs for those who have never experienced surfing before and for those who wants a refresh on the technique by improving the basic maneuvers. A fantastic beach break just steps from the surf house, perfect all year long! ...MORE


Up the river on SUP or excursion in the ocean, the Cantabria region is perfect to be explored by this means. ...MORE

∧ How to get there:

Santander international airport (SDR) is connected by international flights from around Europe and also by low-cost European flights. The surf camp is about 20 minutes away from Santander Airport.

∧ Airline companies:

Ryanair / Easyjet / Iberia

∧ From the airport:

Surfcamp airport shuttle: The easiest way to reach the surfcamp is to book the camp shuttle service, tell us your landing time and the flight number and we will pick you up directly at the airport and in less than 20 minutes you will be in the surf house. The service has an extra charge of 40 euro per way, per group (up to 4 people). Public transport: If you want to get to the surfcamp by public transport then you will need to take bus n. 24, get off at the harbor, take the ferry to Somo and then we will come pick you up in Somo center town.

∧ By Car:

Check the route with:

∧ Health Care and Visa:

Spain is part of the European Union. An European identity document is sufficient to travel in and out the country. Healthcare is free for the European health card holder. Most nationalities out of European Union do NOT need a special visa to go to Spain (90 days on arrival), we always recommend to check the validity of your passport before traveling (at least 6 months validity from the scheduled return date) and to take various copies of your passport with you, if the original gets lost. Public and private hospital facilities have high standard level, however, we recommend traveling with an international travel insurance if you are NON European citizen.