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Morocco, Agadir

The coast of Agadir, in Morocco, is a true "Mecca" of surf, where every year surfers come from all over the world to discover the beauty and quality of the waves, culture and famous Moroccan cuisine.

From September to April, this area benefits of constant swells. The combination of these swells from the North Atlantic with offshore winds make Agadir a dream destination for surfing around the globe. The area of Agadir receives the same swells of Atlantic Europe, but it is protected by the Azores and the great Cape Ghir, which makes the climate always pleasant throughout the year. In addition, the many spots ensure that even when conditions are prohibited, there is always a shelted spot that offers easy waves for all levels!

During the months from May to August there are small and clean waves, great for beginners.



Anchor Point

The Holy Grail of Surfing in Morocco. Right long point, with different sections and even barrels, with the right conditions. Suitable for intermediate and expert. Breaks on sandy rock bottom.

Banana Point

Close to the village of Tamraght. Right long point, quite soft, great for carving. Spot suitable for intermediate and experienced, but also for beginners, who can surf in long foams on sand bottom.

Devil's Rock

The Devil's Rock! Right point of quality, mixed sand and rock, with different sections ending in a beach break. Spot suitable for all lilies. Near Tamraght village.


Reef destro molto esposto e molto consistente, lavora anche con swell piccoli. Onda di grande qualita', lunga, ripida e veloce. Adatta a esperti. Entrata e uscita dall'acqua abbastanza difficile.

Panorama Point

Right point to the south end of the Taghazout village, with long waves over 500 meters in good days. It's a fast wave that can hardly be surfed all its length but still fun. Suitable for all levels, thanks to the sandy bottom.


Excellent right point, north of Taghazout. Very long walls with tube sections and vertical sections for maneuvering. Spot suitable for experts. Difficult entrance and exit from the water.


Extended beach break, very exposed, also works when other spots are flat. Peaks scattered throughout the beach, for all levels.